How to choose the real Maltipoo puppy?

Maltipoo puppy can be chosen by appearance:

The dog is miniature and lightweight. The physique is slightly squat, but harmonious. The body has an elongated shape. The chest is wide and the stomach is tightened.

Head and ears
Its head is proportional to the body, visually round, the transition from the forehead to the face is evident. The length of face and skull are the same. The eyes are round, closely spaced, slightly pop-eyed, with a dark iris (the pupil is practically not visible). The nose is small, turned-up black. The mouth is small. Lip pigmentation is dark, tightly fitting to the gums. Normally Maltipoo has 42 teeth. The ears are hanging, medium-sized and covered with hair. The neck is strong and long enough.

The hind and front paws are straight, parallel, relatively short. The limbs have a rounded shape. The hock joints are well expressed. The musculature is well developed. The paws are tightly closed in a ball. The color of claws is often light.