How to take care of Maltipoo?

Maltipoo can be kept both in a house and in a flat. The dog needs a personal place to live (a couch, bowls, toys, etc.)

Choose and place a couch away from windows. This breed does not like drafts.

The pet does not need long walks. 30 minutes walk in the fresh air is enough. It is necessary to walk Maltipoo on a lead to avoid loss, theft and attacks by other dogs.
  • The claws should be cut 1-2 times in 2 months
  • Teeth should be cleaned with a special toothpaste at least once a week. Also, teeth cleaning can be done daily
  • Ears should be checked and cleaned regularly with ear lotion once a fortnight
  • Approximately once in 2 months, the hair from the auricle should be pulled, using a special powder
  • Eyes should be wiped 3-4 times a week
  • Lacrimal paths can appear because of unsuitable nutrition